Five awesome things

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August 31st, 2013 6:54 am

Here’s a few games that I think were pretty awesome, not necessarily my top five – it’s so hard to choose – but they either entertained me greatly, or did something really interesting or whatever. They are worth looking at!

Get Well Soon

The main mechanic of this horror game is that you can only move for 10 seconds, then the monsters move for 10 seconds, it creates a great deal of suspense. The introduction to the game is also beautifully done!

Captain Robert

There’s not a whole lot of challenge to the gameplay, it’s a platformer, gameplay is more in the exploration – the story telling and atmosphere were great, even if the main character is a white rectangle :)

Flooded Dungeons

This is a very challenging roguelike, wherein each level will be flooded in 10 seconds, so you have to think fast! If this was developed further I’d probably sink hours into it.

Rebound Recon

This one does some very interesting things I don’t think I’ve seen before – you control a remote drone, you can see its trajectory laid out for the whole 10 seconds, and you can select anywhere along that trajectory, and alter your acceleration in any direction at that point, with the aim of making sure the drone reaches the exit in 10 seconds.

Proletarian Ninja X

Challenging stealth ninja fun!

And please check out my own game :D!

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  1. O.O Wow. Thank you so much! Seeing our little game beside those gems is really humbling! Really, really appreciated!

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