Work It Up – post mortem

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August 30th, 2013 10:02 am


Here is the entry we talking about:

The concept came from the fact I once wanted to do a platform game for LD 21 but then I chose NDS as the platform which I wasn’t familiar at all at the time so it didn’t made it in time. But a plain platformer seemd too plain so I wanted a mechanic that can enhance the idea and goes well with the theme. That turned out to be a Tetris + Bejeweled freak and it was quite fitting to the theme and the platformer part.

I’ve made a little video of the game for you but I encourage you to play it as it runs on most platforms and even in a browser.

You can tell from the video that the game isn’t quite finished. Let’s see in short what led me to this faliure.

What went wrong

Normally the structure came naturally to me while programming and everithing fits just fine and builds on each other. This time I had to rewrite parts of the mechanics several times to support other functionalities better. That taken away a lot of time and momentum. I don’t know what happend to me… :(

I recently changed my daily routine – or should I say I’ve tried to create one – and it’s not the real problem but it did take away more time from programming as opposed to the 48h is 48h tactic I used to do.

A little depression came from my real life and from the fact that I’m not doing as well as I used to. This ultimately lead to give up on the finishing of the collision checking as it would required to rewrite the whole falling block mechanic.


Get yourself together and push through no matter what!

Thank you for reading! Please give my game a try and leave a comment! I’ll rate back of course.

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