Tetchy Mrs. Sheriff Saves The Day – Postmortem

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August 30th, 2013 1:21 pm

Hey yo, postmortem time with lotsa gifs yo. The entry itself is here

So here we go.

• I’m satisfied with my game. I guess that’s a good point to start with. Seems people also find it generally funny.

• Fast, accessible game. That’s what I’m used to do anyway : short funny games that don’t require huge investment.

• No slowdown or lack of motivation during the jam, nor did I switch to another concept for any reason.

• I had lotsa fun doing what I enjoy the most : quick animations.



As I already explained in my previous posts, the development of the game went in a somewhat cahotic fashion :

• Way, way to ambitious idea in terms of quantity of graphic assets/animations for a compo…

• ESPECIALLY when spending half of the first day messing around and watching a movie 3:

• Consequently, terrible time management which had me going jam because I was out of time.


also :

• Screwing software issues all the second day (apparently due to a conflict between two pen tablet drivers) : I had to reinstall the driver many times and reboot my PC, and to forget about Photoshop which went nuts. (Oh and that’s why there won’t be any timelapse : after the second reboot, I decided to only run what was strictly necessary – so no recording).

• Questionable use of the theme. I mean, the sections of the game could last 15 seconds rather than 10, it wouldn’t actually change anything. Beh.

• No screenshake :(


• Double check, triple check, QUADRUPLE CHECK that I can run every software and hardware I might need altogether without issues before it’s too late.

• Find something new to do in terms of game design. I mean, this one’s like a mashup of my previous LD entry (The Minimalism Quest)and my Fishing Jam entry (Crawl, Worm, Crawl !).

• I’m saying it every time, but I really have to learn some sound design and music creation. It wasn’t a problem this time because of the going jam thing, but for next time, y’know…

• Don’t watch any movie if already late. DUH.


That’s it ! Hope you enjoyed the game of mine, have a gif anyway :



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  1. GagaPete says:

    Too flashy, could you please, please slow down the animations a bit?

  2. Pol says:

    Okay well now that I see them together I guess I’ll do something before everyone gets blind. Sorry.

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