Pre-Post Mortem and Difficult Games

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August 30th, 2013 3:47 pm

In this post I’m going to talk about difficulty in games and future of my LD27 game, ShuffleLand.

First of all, thanks again to all of you who tried and rated my game (ShuffleLand) yet. I’m very aware of the fact that it’s too hard. Too hard for this age of gaming… I’m used to things like Dungeon Master, Prince of Persia I, Doom, Blood and many more (you know, when you have only three or four games on your ‘dos era’  PC, you are very happy of the fact that these games are hard — it means that you’ll get so much fun as possible of these games.. trying over and over)… In the fact, I find my LD27 game very hard and difficult too (I didn’t planned this as feature though). But as I promised in my “I’m in” post, ShuffleLand is going to be ported on Android platform (sometime). Don’t hold your breath. There’ll be much more content, joy and elegance in the finished game. Now I can only promise you online level editor, multiplayer, easier levels and maybe a little bit more. I’m also aware of the fact that audio isn’t as good as I planned (I didn’t have time to made it right :-( )…

But, after all, this is Ludum Dare, right? Nobody expect that games here will be the best you can find (or create), it’s all about our experience, vehemence, enjoyment and 48 hours of bestiality. Programming and creativity. I’ve enjoyed my first Ludum Dare event and I’m looking for the next. Thanks for reading this. I’ll be very happy If you leave comment on this as well.

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  1. Gabriel says:

    “48 hours of bestiality” made me laugh!

    I think any context for which you make a game will bring its own parameters, as you said in the DOS games example. The abundance of games and ease to obtain them in this Steam era made us players spoiled – if a game is too difficult, we just say ‘screw it’ and move on to another game. This is a sad reality, although fortunately the indie scene (and even some sparse examples in mainstream) are starting to explore again the zone of high difficulty and mastery. Ludum Dare is an even more extreme scenario, where many players are reviewing other people’s games as fast as possible, playing like 30 games a day, so they end up not taking interest in mastering any game in particular. I think usually it’s a good idea to make the game only difficult enough to entertain, but easy enough so that most people are able to go through all the content.

    But that’s all theory, of course. I think I’m more like you, a high difficulty fan, so my games all suffer from being excessively difficult for a jam. hahaha

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