Post Mortem: “The 10 (other) Seconds Journey”

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August 30th, 2013 3:00 am



So a few days has passed since deadline. I’m glad from all comments people have left me about my game. Got some great feedback and I thought I’d do like many others and write a short Post Mortem.

This was my first Ludum Dare and as I can’t draw or code Twine is the best engine out there for me as I can write atleast.

“The 10 (other) Seconds Journey” wasn’t my first Twine game but it’s one of the first.


The game was done in approx 5-6 hours.

Engine was Twine.

Used Google Web Fonts.

Graphics made by PaperBlurt.


I feel I should’ve tied the 10 parts together in a better way as some people got confused, basically adding some kind of transition or similar. I also want to change the choices made during the Rock Hudson-part based on my girlfriend’s feedback. Finally maybe music would’ve been good and maybe use puns in another way. (The part with Rock Hudson is something I’ll change after the competition when I got an “OK” from Ludum Dare, but now it’ll be as it is).

Bild 2



I feel I got that quick pace and flow I sought to get. I also, somewhat like the design, as it feels just as it was: a game made in 5-6 hours. I believe I got some funny stuff in there too (Hitler, Baseballers and Titanic). I think one of the best stories is the countdown where I’ve implemented some parts from myself (you know the “dad part”) and the same go for the part regarding who you feel “second to”.



Hope you like the game, and please get back to me with thoughts and comments and feel free to check out my other stuff at the link below!

More stuff from PaperBlurt (Julius Olofsson) -> HERE

On Twitter -> @PaperBlurt

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8 Responses to “Post Mortem: “The 10 (other) Seconds Journey””

  1. you made it that fast? impressive. don’t know how long it took me but you had some nice things in there that i don’t even know how you coded.

    i think i’ll write a post mortem myself, i enjoy reading these posts.

    going to check out your other games too. at least the twine ones, as i don’t have an iOS device.

    btw, i see you’re from stockholm, nice, i’m västeråsare myself.

  2. PaperBlurt says:

    Yeah you’re from Västerås (my sister lives there)! How fun (keep it in english so people don’t feel excluded).

    What stuff was it that you didn’t know how I did?

    Glad if you check out my other Twine game, and more will come too!

    Are you indie dev on your spare time or do get paid in some way to make games?

    • i’m not on twitter but kinda planing on it. maybe someday.

      the “opening” of your game comes to mind, but when i start to think about it (and look at the source) it seems as if you made a smooth use of the timed goto-macro. but i would still love to look at the .tws file.

      i’m unemployed at the moment, the only money i get is through arbetsförmedlingen (i.e. the place where all unemployed go to try and get job i sweden expect there aren’t any), and i figured that now when i actually have some spare time left i should try making some games. so i began making twine games just a couple of months back. most of them (i.e. 3) are still in swedish but my LD entry and another one is on my tumblr.

      • PaperBlurt says:

        Hi again..

        Yeah I saw your other game “into the water”, good for a first game.

        That’s right I just used the timed to-go macro – real easy to use. That’s one thing I like about Twine that it’s easy.

        Have you written a lot prior to this?

        I’m also unemployed right now, looking for work, but as you said: There are none in Sweden.

        • oh yes, twine is really amazing in that aspect. i’ve wanted to make games a long time now and it really is twine that made it possible.

          i have written quite a lot, you could say that it’s my “thing”. i used to write short stories and novels before, then poetry, and now twine games, but i guess they’re more like some kind of mix between interactive short stories and poetry.

          i see you’ve been writing a lot as well, longer than i have it seems. and in english too! i kinda started when i decided to make my tumblr. i still write everything (almost) in swedish first, and then translates. takes a lot of time.

          • PaperBlurt says:

            I have been doing some writing, both paid and un-paid so to say.
            I try mixing swedish and english but lately I more or less always write in english first.

            Why swedish first?

            • i don’t know, maybe because i’m used to it and better at it. may have something to do with me being a poet in the first place, and the writing is kind of created by and for the language — what i write is adapted for the language. so maybe now that i start writing a lot more in english i’ll begin to have this completely different kinds of ideas. haha.

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