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August 29th, 2013 9:11 am



Hey all,
this was our 6th Ludum Dare. We almost did not make it this time. Not because we run out of time but because we said that we would not enter this time around due to some other commitments from the team members. However I (Dals) could not stand that our stream would break for a silly thing so I decided to make a small but simple game. We last all Saturday because of this but we actually had time to put like 6-7 hours into a small game in the end. On the sunday I was joined by my friend who helped out with the programming and gameplay.

What went right:

We knew that we had lost a whole day and because of that we made sure that we aimed on a game with a scope so small that we would finish it relativly fast. We stuck to this and that was very important for the success for this project.

Another thing that went right was the use of tools. We were not able to get togheter this time around so Skype and git really saved a lot of problems for us. Git is super great when you learn to use it and this time we really knew how to. We also used Java as a programming language wich we are most comfortable in. The new thing for this Ludum Dare was that we used the awesome LibGDX framework as the backbone of our project. In the weeks before Ludum Dare I had explored GDX and made a small API for it called Simple. That made the development of this small game even faster and it was blazingly fun.

Basically we knew our tech and made clear and structured goals. We also did not have time to suffer from feature creep which was great in the sense that we finished it.

What went wrong:

Apart from not being able to join in from the beginning almost nothing went wrong.
So well all that went wrong was that we did not have time to attend the whole event.


Ludum Dare is a great way to make games and give out to your creativity. I was very happy with theme 10 seconds, as soon as I saw it in the last round I basically knew that it would win. I had lots of ideas for it but when it turned out that we were not able to attend the whole event I scrapt all of them but when I got a little time to spare I sat down and made the most simple game that come to my mind.

This time around we did not have so much time but we actually made a game anyway. Maybe our most polished and complete game as of what it is. We are proud of what we did and we are already looking forward to the next Ludum Dare when we can join in for the full event.

Cheers guys,
~Dals with team!

DalsGames was this time around:
-David ‘Dals’ Skeppstedt
-Andreas Brommund


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