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After one day long break, I made the post combo version of my LD27 entry, Highway Hero. According the reviews I added a minimap so that your can see the enemies before you go ahead, and I put a few sound effects into it. Although there are not many new stuffs, I shamelessly recommend you to try it out if you haven’t.

Then here is the post-mortem.

What went well

The core gameplay is kinda completely implemented, and fits the theme very well. At the beginning I planned to make a puzzle game where players put objects into a big hourglass such that it can measure 10 seconds. After 10 seconds I realized that I didn’t want to bother with physical engine, so the game has become as it is.

I switched from Inkscape to Illustrator few weeks ago, so this is my first Ludum Dare with Illustrator as graphic tool. It’s been proved to be a clever decision. Though I was not very familiar, it just worked well. Sorry for open source enthusiasts, but Inkscape really sucks on MacOSX.

Compared to my previous entries(this and this), Highway Hero has much better and more complicated graphics. It’s still below my expectation, but I have done my best.

What went not-so-well

I wasted some time on unnecessary(and even unused) details, like the wrinkles on the mantle. Finally I ran out of time at the end, and reluctantly ignored the more important components, such as sounds, musics and splash screen.

This is my first game made with Love2D. It’s undoubtedly a great library, but I didn’t get prepared enough. I hadn’t even read a single tutorial about Love2D. It turns out to shoot myself in the foot.


Despite it’s my third LD, there were still a tons of difficulties. The game development is never as easy as people expect, even for such a tiny game.
I will participate another game jam, Indie Speed Run, in September. With my shining teammates, hopefully I will make a better game!

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