LD27 Postmortem: Game of Throttles

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August 29th, 2013 2:47 pm


Well, our first Ludum Dare Jam is behind us now, and even though it didn’t quite work out we still managed to gobble together something (almost) playable, or hopefully atleast enjoyable.

I was really disappointed that I couldn’t make the physics work and so I upgraded the game to use Box2D (my second venture into Box2D programming, first was yesterday!) and guess what; it makes things almost too easy! Here is the link to a (windows) build that is much closer to the vision we had in mind when we set out to make this game. Hopefully we can take the things we learned and apply them in Ludum Dares to come!

What went right:

  • The story. We came up with something that fit with the theme and was at the same time quite enjoyable.
  • We knew our tools. No extra time was spent learning our tools. It might’ve been useful to grap Box2D earlier though when things started looking pretty grim regarding the gameplay…
  • We managed to make something, even though it wasn’t anything special!
  • The art got a lot of praise in the comments so I guess that went alright.

What went left… I mean wrong:

  • Scheduling. I left the collision code for the last day along with polishing and minor additions, bad choice since I hadn’t really done any complex / physically (somewhat) accurate collisions before. Maybe I also overestimated my capabilities.
  • Planning. Especially the gameplay should’ve been planned more thoroughly, and we should’ve tested the basic gameplay ideas more to see if it would be any fun.
  • Testing. While writing this post a friend of mine spotted a bug in the intro / outro. Just because I have seen the intro working many times already doesn’t mean it won’t break when the code is altered.

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