Cherry Bomber post mortem?

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August 29th, 2013 3:03 pm



I really don’t like the word Post Mortem. As to me,  it implies the project is dead.  I think,  it is something you do once the project is complete and either a success or a failure.  That way you can reflect on what you did, and improve or add another trick to your bag to be used in other projects.   It seems that in terms of projects created in this competition, it is only the beginning where your creation can go.  Personally speaking, I have found Ludum Dare to be a great way to spring board accelerated game development.  I believe Cherry Bomber has great potential to be a cool, fun, and hopefully successful mobile game(Ive already started testing)… If at the least web game somewhere that people will enjoy playing.

Why would we spend the greater part of 48 to 72 hours glued to a computer toiling away?  We like to make games?  Yes, of course…. but by no stretch of the imagination is it easy… at least not for me.  I think the real reason is because we want to share those crazy thoughts and ideas we have in our minds with other humans… and make a connection… And this is a great platform.  It also cant be under stated that we want to be successful.  We like making games, and I am sure we all aspire to be able to do that as a means to our financial well being.

This was my first Ludum Dare.  I am astounded at the number of entries submitted.  Actually I find it somewhat intimidating that the competition is so high.  To me this signifies a real change in the games industry.  I think the production bar is low enough that large teams for development are really not an option anymore.  This is actually a great thing…. It means that we all have the power to create the thing that we have been imagining for so long…  So let’s do it.

We are Indie, we are strong.


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