Stahlholz Post Mortem

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August 28th, 2013 2:01 am

Hi there,
so this was it, our first ludum dare. Some things went pretty well, others failed completely. Nevertheless it was such great fun and crossing the finishline is just such a great feeling, we instantly decided to take part next LD for sure!

Bad Stuff

  • We started with Gibbo2d, but shortly realized it was definitely not the tool we needed. None of us really did a Game with Gibbo. It is an ambitious Project, but since its very new, not much Community is present and I missed some key features (or probably more their documentation). After 6 hours we changed to c++ with sfml.
  • We totally fucked colission detection (or more likely colission treatment). Things are now fixed (actually this is not too hard if you know what you are doing but in the short time we were unable to figure out the small piece which made it work.
  • Since I was in a hurry changing from Gibbo to c++ (omg omg so much time wasted) i craked the Project Setup with some really strange Setting. Release was not compiling (running in debug mode seems fine while programming) in time for the deadline, so our only chance was to submit the Debug-Version. Hours later we realized you need some damn microsoft dlls to run debug.
  • A more sophisticated name for our Game would have been appleasing, but since our entry is some sort of¬†dilettante the name is actually just fine :)

Good Stuff

  • c++ and sfml work really great! I did some Projects with this Tools and my Team member got into it in about 10 seconds. “how do I draw” – ” yeah just call the windo.draw” “o_O”. Nice to see things work out
  • Doing Music was pretty fun. I run a semi-professional Recording-Studio so I just created a Bass-Line and some syths. SoundFX were done with sfrx which is an amazing tool. I didn’t do any 8Bit or retro style so for next time I will definitely have some Drum-, FX- or general Sound-Samples ready.
  • We used a global class for setting all the relevant “magic game numbers”, like gravity, PowerUp-Timers, ¬†Tile Size and so on. Since we are both programmers, this worked out great, because we had one point for changing Parameters. I will definitely keep this up for future projects.
  • Idea and Game Concept Creation. I just love my blackboard. Drwaing the concept in the easiest way was just the best thing we could do. And having the sketch still next to me still makes me smile over and over again.


So this was our first LD. Thanks for the opportunity and keep on!


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