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August 28th, 2013 11:49 am

So, this is my game.

Anyways, for my second Ludum Dare,  I decided to do something most peculiar.

This was actually the first thing that popped in my head when I was at my Optometrist when my eyes were dilated early Saturday morning.

So, what was my game?

When I heard the theme, I had two ideas. One of them was a horror game where you blink every ten seconds and stuff happens but I meant it as something I wouldn’t like making.

So, what ideas popped in my head, based on the theme, when I was coming up with “In Just a Moment”? Well, contrary to the comments, I thought of “YOLO”. Like, I think of a lot of things before I make any decision. A lot of those thoughts being negative.

If  I were to talk to someone, I’m always self-conscious about how I present myself as I assume these bad things. But seriously, what can go wrong?  That was the question I wanted to present when I was making this game. “What can go wrong with a choice?”

Granted, the way I did it needs loads of improvements but did it I tried to do.

What went good:

  • I finished a game despite having my hands full with moving into college and what not.
  • I made the game to the exact idea that was in my head.
  • I didn’t have any headaches at any point in making the game.
  • The music in the game fit what I was going for perfectly


What went bad:

  • My message wasn’t presented clearly.
  • The music loop thing.
  • I relied a bit too much on “Show, don’t Tell”
  • How the game ended. It seems that just ending the game without the player deciding to stop playing affected the idea I had for what I wanted to do.


I liked working on “In Just a Moment” and am still working to make it better than what I already made. Just, I need to learn how to present my idea.

I love the comments I’m getting, how people think of the game as an examination on relationships and life but that idea’s way more advanced than how I originally imagined the game.


Let’s compare it to my first Ludum Dare game, Princess Sheltering.

This was definitely a better organized game than my LD 25 and was a lot easier to make in terms of the idea that I came up with. To be honest, compared to Princess Sheltering, this is something I’d still play, even though “In Just a Moment” is so short. It was also awesome that I had someone come by and make music for my game! So this Ludum Dare was just so much easier than my last Ludum Dare.

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