Mr. Sushi! Post-Mortem

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August 28th, 2013 11:21 am

Not for fame, not for glory, I’m here for the fun! I love LDs, because almost every time after the submission I can say to myself: I still got it ^^


So this is my entry: Mr. Sushi! (Order Please!). I was stuck on the first day, because I haven’t really been programming for weeks, and as I wanted to move forward as a Flash Developer, I decided that this LD would not be about pixels, blitting and copypixels, but about Stage3D! A step that I didn’t take for way too long


What went well:

1) hahaha, I didn’t have the time to create music :D. On a whim I decided to do some voice acting with broken japanese-english like Matt Stone or Trey Parker always do on South Park :D. Broken and so bad, that you should know that no japanese actually talks like that ^^. And tell you what: It’s really fun to talk like that :D. That’s why the south park guys always do it^^!

2) Starling with Starling! I’m still not 100% convinced if it really runs faster, because on startup I get framerates of 30 or less. maybe I would have to build preloaders again 😛 But! I managed to create something that actually works

3) I created a new game! The game idea derived from dots (iOS), but I don’t like how the items fall down like in Bejuweluizzoausoi*censored*ioasd ^^. But there’s still room for improvements 😉


What didn’t went that well:

MY ASSHOLE BUDDY SET UP LIKE 10 ALARMS AT RANDOM TIMES AND HID THEM AT RANDOM PLACES IN MY WORKPLACE 😀 + I couldn’t really concentrate. what means it calls for revenge

I hope you play my game! And have fun doing so! 😀 Shameless adding of a link 😉 :

Play it here

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  1. TomboFry says:

    Your game was hilarious! I rated not too long ago, and saved in it my bookmark folder of great LD games 😀 (I think I might play it again now that you’ve reminded me 😉 )

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