I wasn’t originally going to post this but I saw another game in the Game Jam that was similar to this one so I wanted to share. It’s basically a roguelike dungeon crawler with a few rpg elements. Rooms are procedurally generated. The goal is to stay alive as long as possible. You can find time as a drop from enemies, find it in chests, or buy it in stores, the longer you live, better chances you’ll find better gear to help you stay alive, etc. My high score is six hours and twelve minutes. er, Game time of course, which translates to roughly six minutes in real time.

One of the reasons I didn’t post this when everyone else was posting their warm ups was because I’m a hipster and that’s too mainstream(And that was a joke). No it was because I didn’t actually get around to starting it until the Monday after warm up weekend and didn’t finish it until like… Thursday? I think. Either way, as always, it’s nice to get feedback on games I create, so feel free to criticize/compliment. I really like this Ludum Dare community so far, I just joined last week and everything’s just so swell.


If  it looks interesting you can check it out Here for Windows. (controls and all needed information is already in game in the help page)

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