Halp! Jam Rules on Bug Fixes?

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August 28th, 2013 10:39 am


I recently discovered that my game, North Exit, has a large, game-ruining bug; I somehow omitted the code for detecting a lose condition, so the player can’t lose the game (no, no that game, but yeah).

However, that doesn’t really make the game unwinnable or less playable — it just makes it infinitely easier.

My plea for help is: is it okay to re-upload the game with that single bug fix? Will that break any Jam rules? I know the Jam is relatively lax on rules, but I just want to be doubly sure. :’D

Thank you to anyone who’ll reply! I’ll go ahead and play your games too if you respond! <3

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4 Responses to “Halp! Jam Rules on Bug Fixes?”

  1. crashbanito says:

    Critical game ruining bugs are allowed to be solved after the competition deadline. I believe that that rule was added recently.

  2. lazyeels says:

    My view is that if it’s a 5 minute bug fix that will make the difference between it being completely unplayable and working to a T, then it’s OK. Or viewed another way, if you had slept 5 minutes less, would you have managed to fix the bug?

  3. Vaalen says:

    You should left the game you did during the jam online and upload your new version and named it post-compo version or something like this. That’s what I did with my game to correct some little bugs.
    Thus, people can play the two versions.

  4. Vaalen says:

    And you should explains what you’ve modified in the second version.

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