Dust in the Candy Megaverse – Postmortem

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August 28th, 2013 11:13 am



Achievement Get: Beaten LD48 3 times!

So I joined LD again this time around with probably my best LD game so far! But as every game it has it’s good and bad sides.


What worked well:

There is nothing quite like it: Soo.. seen any other game when you play as a candy vaccum cleaner where you clean dust on big spheres of lollipops in outer space in another dimension…. I thought so! Having a game stand out among over 2000 games is quite a good thing.

Unity3D gives a lot of advantages:My two last games was made with Game Maker 8.1/Studio but this time took the summer and learned quite a bit about it. So because of it I could easily export to the web and beef up the graphics in a way I couldn’t have done with Game Maker.

The aesthetics, both easy to make and enjoyable: Around like 6 hours in I got the base idea to what would become the end product after 2-3 other ideas but most of the graphics was easy to make. The textures was easy to make, adding space took me barely 10 minutes and I found a great font that worked well with the game . The only thing that took time to make was the vacuum cleaner as I changed around quite a bit until I got the final version.

Easy to learn what to do: When a level only takes 10s to play you need to learn what do to quick and I feel that I achieved that.

Voice acting, quick to do but adds a lot: One thing I had a blast to do was adding voice acting to the game. I added a small countdown with a silly cute voice and so far it seems like the thing that people liked the most of it.

I leaned a lot!: Even if this would have been the worst game ever it would have been worth it because I learned a lot about game design, 3D game design and Unity.


What didn’t work well:

Waaaaaayyyyy to many hours used on stuff not appearing in the final product: This is something I had problem with every LD I’ve joined so far but doesn’t make it less painful. I spend around 4 hours with stuff that didn’t had much to do with the final game and and around half of the rest of that time working with stuff that didn’t end up in the final product.

Hard to control: As the creator I was used to the controls so I didn’t think of it that much. Even when I showed it to my family and they had problem with it I simply brushed it off…. Big mistake as that’s the most common complaint

Making a game based of a sphere gives a button of problem: I had the idea to have a game on a sphere for a while because it seemed easy and seemed really cool. I got right on the cool part but easy…. nah. Placing down everything takes so much more time because you have to rotate everything around the sphere and that made the level design take so much longer time than would otherwise. The visibility was limited so the levels became quite limited and I wanted to add walls but I.. just couldn’t….

Too level based… Yet again: For the last LDs I have made games that relied a lot on having a lot of content instead having clever design that didn’t as much content building… I felt that it was a mistake and didn’t want to do that again…But yet again I did it. At least I felt that was that would work the best with the 10 seconds theme.

Makes some people dizzy/nauseous: Not exactly something that I intended but some have reported that and that’s just… :(


Anyways. For people that haven’t checked it out yet I’d love to see you check down the game. (Link below)


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