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August 28th, 2013 9:06 am

LD27  ended and a lot of games were made and we all (hopefully) had the time of our lives making them.


ConflictiveLabs’ log: August 23th, 2013, Everyday I hear and see eternity….

Bravest Warriors reference. Kids won't get it.

Bravest Warriors reference. Kids won’t get it.

To be honest I wasn’t sure what to expect from this LD. A lot of things were not exactly “right” this time; a few members were busy (or had plans for part of the weekend) or went through a very difficult moment due to unexpected events. And I was feeling sick, stupidly sick.

Theme was announced at 9PM local time. We agreed on meeting at 10 PM to discuss the theme and game ideas. I was lurking on IRC waiting for the theme. I texted my friends with the theme as soon as it was announced and started brainstorming, jotting down my ideas in a small notepad.


We met on Skype at 10 0’clock. We discussed the ideas and we all pretty much agreed on what essentially became the game we submitted. Things were looking dim however as we were not expecting to start particularly early the next day. We began anyway with all our energy. We -bravely- decided to use Monkey without any fancy engine. Not even our own engines or those we had access to. Pure, raw Monkey language. We trusted we could code everything for scratch and adapt particular subsystems or modules from any of the available engines only if they were truly needed.

I could go on with what could be a REALLY epic but sad tale about a guy programming with burning eyes, bleeding nose and fever…. a brave lad working through difficult times, finding time where there was none, giving his best to be everywhere at the same time … and an artist, desperately trying to cope with all the art the game needed while juggling his other responsibilities….

But let’s cut the crap out of the story and let’s focus on the positive side: The skies opened and a blinding light descended upon us, and when the deep, dark night was reigning supreme on the skies and all hope was lost, a friend of David joined us, an amazing artist. She had no previous LD experience but she had the talent to help us. We were also able to get in touch with Mr. Kriman and he decided to help us (once again) with the music. So it wasn’t everything lost after all, you see?

Inspiration for the music you say? nah.

The Good

To be honest this is the first time one of our games ends up being almost exactly as we envisioned it. I mean, we didn’t remove much features from the original concept nor mutated the idea into something else because of time constraints. We actually managed to wrap it all rather nicely. This is also the first time I remembered the goddamn submission hour, so we didn’t substract time from our development schedule for “pack & upload”. It’s damn easy to forget about Submission Hour. I always do.

We also had the chance to work with someone new (and introduce that person to the exciting world of Ludum Dare, which is always good).
So if you ask for the official team listing it would be like this:



The Bad

Well, we didn’t have time to add instructions or a tutorial on game mechanics so  a lot of people don’t realize you can manipulate time with the CTRL key (or B if you are using a joystick). Also we could’ve smoothed the rough edges with a little of real users playtesting.

Btw, we truly encourage you to try the PC build since we managed to add a sweet time-bending effect that makes time-manipulation at least twice as epic than in the web version! (also it runs smoother on PC).

This happens in our game when you press CTRL


Also these past days have not been particularly good for any of us. We all had stuff to deal with during this weekend….


The Ugly

… and some of that stuff was really ugly….



Anyway, we encourage you to try our game if you have not tried it before. Here is a link to it, be sure to rate it and leave a comment so we can later play your game as well!

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    I’m 29 and I don’t know what ‘Bravest Warrior’ is..

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