The Longest 48 Hours

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August 27th, 2013 5:50 am

… or “Why I ended up doing the 72-hour Jam” 😉


After a weekend ride on the rollercoaster of emotions (consisting of mostly rage and frustration…)  I finally finished my entry last night. You can check it out here:

10 Seconds – Jam Entry

My original goal was the 48-hr compo, but after the initial 16 hours on Saturday, I was ready to call it quits. Weird bugs started popping up everywhere, and I hadn’t even really decided on much more than the genre (platformer). I woke up Sunday with a few ideas – never underestimate the power of sleep 😉 – but not much time to complete them. Another 10 hours in, and only 5 left in the compo, I threw in the towel (again).

By that point, I had mostly working controls, and one basic level. The visual style was pretty much set and I even had the basic music laid out. I figured I’d just work on it as a 1GAM entry and leave it at that.

I decided last minute to take the day off work on Monday – just felt burnt out I guess, and not in the mood to lay out business cards and flyers 😛 Didn’t really plan on working on the game any further, but it just kind of happened. It started to feel like I’d actually have time to get at least a basic entry in for the jam, and so another 12 hours later I submitted my game.

What went right

Not much 😉 At least, none of it came easy. I’m happy with the end result overall though – of course there are a million things I’d like to fix, but I feel much better having submitted something.

What went wrong

The biggest thing was not knowing the tools nearly as well as I thought I did. I can fight my way through Unity & C# pretty well when I have the time, but the pressure of a deadline lead to some dirty code and nasty bugs.

I also, for some reason, felt way more compelled to give up early this time. That didn’t happen to me in LD26, so I’m not sure where that attitude came from. It’s definitely something I need to keep in check.

Final Thoughts

Oddly enough, my biggest drive for completing the entry was to be a part of everything that takes place afterwards. I enjoy the voting process, I like getting feedback (good and bad) and I crave the high of a completed project. I guess it’s important to keep these things in mind early on, step back and breathe when necessary, and to not give up so easy.

Congratulations to everyone – to those who tried and those who succeeded. Looking forward to the next one :)

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  1. Larzan says:

    I hear ya,
    great that you fought your way till the end though, is there a better feeling? :)

    (well, i guess the feeling when you finish and have everything done what you wanted to do, the way you planned it, but i wouldn’t know about that, hehe)

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