Temporary Crash Fix

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August 27th, 2013 10:28 pm

So I got word that my project often was crashing or not launching, I figured since because my game was programmed from XNA, it might have been some XNA Game Studio compatibility. To combat this error, I made a new build, less dependent on XNAgs for loading external files (as my level data is all stored externally) and made a new .zip archive in which I included XNA Redistributable. And after a few trials of testplay on a few different my friends’ computers who do not have xna or gamestudio or visualstudio on their computers, I discovered that it works. It’s a bit buggy, for example whenever I ran it on my friend’s win7 32bit laptop without xna gs, every time It beat the first level it crashed. Every other level worked fine, just the very end of the first level was causing a crash.

I updated the download link with my new archive.

Either way, If you do try my game and that crash does happen, I would appreciate it if you could just disregard it and select a different level. Thanks [:      And here it is if you wanna try it:




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