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August 27th, 2013 4:50 am

Well I’ve charged through a few games in quick succession!  If there’s a pattern, its that most games use the “10 seconds” theme to limit the gameplay to, eh, 10 seconds.  There aren’t many platformers this time, and I think the theme has really limited people; there’s not much innovative slants on it all from my quick sampling.

Its difficult for me as I’m not a Windows user. I can run Unity Web these days, which is a saving. I wish more people made web-playable games; I really don’t like downloading your untrustworthy binaries and neither should you!

This is not all a bad thing; there are buckets of really good games that I’ve found already:

10 sec. Fast Beef is as addictive as Angry-Birds!  You’ve been warned!  Definitely no just playing for 10 seconds to be had here!


Notiempo is a multi-player FPS that looks gorgeous.  I’m dead keen to know how the multi-player bit works, since I’ve had no luck with it myself in pass LD contests.


The Value of Time is a pleasing little puzzler where you help yourself out in a weird and wonderful way.


10 Seconds Before the World Ends is a nice use of a physics engine.


With over 2200 games, I’ve obviously only scraped the surface and not found the truly great games!  In most LDs, I haven’t even played the winning games and am completely surprised – in a good way – when the results are announced and there’s a whole bunch more recommendations to work through!

My own entry was a bit of a miss this time, because the beauty is in the code and not the gameplay:

↑ The NSA’s Where’s Snowden? Game.  Please appreciate the Windows-ME-style interface and full SQL parser written in Javascript!  😀

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go play lots more games! :)

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  1. MakerArt says:

    10 Fast Beef – tru story!!)

  2. Alexander Ponomariov says:

    Thank you for this post and glad you’ve enjoyed 10 sec. FastBeef!!) \m/

    Will definitely ckeck all games from your top!

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