Sine – Post Mortem

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August 27th, 2013 5:10 am

A screenshot of my entry sine

Click here to play sine
It’s been a rough ride for me this time. I wanted to do an adventure game, a sound puzzler and a particle based swarm game all during the first 12 hours. Sounds like a bad idea? It is!

The bads:

  • I didn’t like the theme. I wonder if that will ever stop. I liked the theme for my first LD (#24 – evolution) and didn’t like any of the following (not even in retrospective).
  • Started to work for a few hours on three different ideas and discarded them all eventually. When I started working on something that transformed into my final game  I had already spent 12 hours for nothing
  • Didn’t get enough sleep. I was so excited that I slept only 4 hours in the night before the compo.  It starts at 3AM where I live and usually I get up at 6 rested enough to be efficient. But this time I woke up at 4:30 and had barely slept. That kind of ruined my first day.
  • I wasn’t able to define the game as precisely as I wanted.
  • I was really stressed because I ran out of time. I had to create all music and sounds during the last 60 minutes. Surprisingly most game events that really needed sounds got them and it all works together pretty well. I only realized that I had no name chosen for my game when I started to fill out the submission form minutes before the compo deadline :) For me “sine” fits the game pretty much but given more time I’d have tried to find something less generic
  • I planned not to put any pressure on me. In retrospective I feel like I actually did. It just felt weird, especially because I won the last LD.

The goods:

  • I made a game that I like :) That’s actually the most important thing for me. I love to hear what others say about my games and take their critiques very serious, but as long as I am confident with what I made even the harshest critique won’t hurt as bad as if I had tried to build a game that not I but others should like.
  • I made up for my first day on sunday. I didn’t have the time for polishing like last time let alone time to revisit anything that I built to improve it, but it worked out fine.
  • I made a video of my cat playing with magic cards that I used to draft one of my game ideas
  • I had touch interfaces in mind during the design process so it’s going to be very very easy to make an android build. The only reason it doesn’t exist yet is, that I need to take care of different resolutions that are smaller than 1280×720 (which I used as a minimum resolution for the desktop build).
  • My tutorial is not as bad as it was in my first ludum dare. That one was horrible – really. This time it is a bit wordy again and focuses on some things that are pretty obvious instead of getting into details on the not so obvious stuff, but it is interactive and pretty much teaches you how to play without reading pages of text.
  • I configured an artemis entity framework fork called artemis-odb and agrotera which really took away a lot of writing to set up new entity systems. It ads a lot of dependencies for compiling the code but really eases system creation and configuration for heavy artemis users like me :)

That’s it. I really enjoy playing others games this time and took the time to write a comment on 95% of them ( and you should do that too, most people really like to read what you think, even if it has been said in other words before) :) I also played 90% of the games of people who commented on mine and will try to do so until I reach the 100 games played mark. So if you haven’t:

Click here to play sine

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