Seconds of Light – Post Mortem

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August 27th, 2013 2:14 pm

LD27 was my first time participating in the 48 hour compo. A few years ago I was part of team and we participated in the jam. Back then, we where not really able to finish our game. But still, we had a lot of fun. This weekend, finally, I had time to participate in another ludum dare.

I managed to create a game, that I am really proud of. The only thing I am not that proud of is the name: “Seconds of Light”. This kind of was a last minute decision.

Hm, screenshots dont really show how the game feels...

Hm, screenshots dont really show how the game feels…

The Good

First off, the theme “10 Seconds” is great. From the list of the fifth voting round, this was the only one I really wanted to make a game for. I already played more than 50 other games and I have seen A LOT of really creative and unique ideas on this theme.

Some weeks before this ludum dare, a friend and I made a game for a university course on network programming. I had created a very limited, but easy to use C++ framework for this game, based on Qt and OpenGL. I used the week before the compo to pick some classes out of this game and added a simple entity component system. This turned out to be a very good foundation for this compo. I had no technical problems what so ever. The only problem was, that the windows version had problems with the OpenGL version I used for the mac version. So I had to rewrite the renderer in OpenGL 1.x during the compo.

Although at first I had the idea to make a turn based RPG and threw away this idea half a day into the compo, my time management turned out to be perfect. Almost no crunch time at the end. A few more features would have been great, but that is just a bonus.

The Bad

Not much. The only thing that bugged me at the end was my more and more messy code. This was manly caused by very simple things like handling the state of an object or by adding a timer for delayed actions. The result was an if-else-hell. Next time, I have to prepare some classes to handle these simple things.

Now I want to play as many games as possible. So much inspiration everywhere!

Also, if you want to try my game:


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  1. lulzfish_4 says:

    I’m going to play your game since Qt is wonderful and I also used a custom Qt framework for mine.

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