Second LD – Royal Decree

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August 27th, 2013 2:53 pm

Have been really pleased with some of the great feedback our second game is getting. I had a moment of doubt that the concept wasn’t enough of a game, but the humorous multiple ending seem to be enough of a reward for players to go through.

Play Royal Decree here


King and his courtiers

Your Court

“Encouraged by the accolade, you decide also to define 20 seconds.” The Good 

  • Lucky to get 10 seconds as a theme, halfway through the voting our artist thought of a setting for the game. So the game fits very well with the theme.
  • Music adds a lot to a game, after adding the Bach track  was the first play through I actually thought it was kind of good.
  • The humour, wake up on Sunday to find my Dad had emailed me a large table of endings and reactions. By mixing the pair we’ve made over a 100 different conclusions, the randomly picking just adds to silliness.
  • Slowly getting used to object orientation.
  • Lua tables are brilliant for storing data in whatever structure you like, write a clever stage director script that would pass lines and directions to the actors. Using theatre terminology made the most sense for writing cut-scenes.
  • This time managed to include all the things my last game (a simulation for LD24) didn’t: title screen, sound and cut scenes.

“In your shame you retire to your privy and compose poetry.” The Bad

  • Finding our artist was unable to connect to our project server was a bit of a disaster, next time stuff like that needs to be sorted before the start of the contest
  • Never got round to selecting outcome based on what the player did.
  • Writing multiple line text was a pain as the renderer didn’t support it, given the time would have written a function to auto break lines by feeding the extra text to a different object, it would have taken a day I didn’t have.
  • Would have liked to have written more game mechanics.


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