Low Battery – Poset Moreteum!!

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August 27th, 2013 6:57 am

“i don’t think the skeleton had that many skulls before i blew it up”

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This is my fourth Ludum Dare entry! The only way I can really describe how it went is SortaOKGoodNotBadTerribleFantasticNo.

It didn’t really come out as I had envisioned at the start, but then again it never does. Even though it came out as something totally different, I’m actually satisfied with it as it is!

Stuff that worked:

  • The game! Even though it’s very tight on graphics assets and levels I think the outcome is fun to play and I enjoyed playtesting it 2 minutes before the deadline.
  • Using pxtone again; I managed to make all the game music and melodic sounds within the last 30 minutes of the compo.
  • Using javascript + canvas! It’s really fun coding engines from scratch instead of using prebuilt ones like stencyl or gamemaker, and it’s always a learning experience, assuming that each time the game is a different genre/requires different types of asset. 😉
  • Skeletons. Skeletons always work.
  • The particle effects! The ones coming off of the player were originally me testing the particle engine, they stuck and I made them look a ton better. The skeletons exploding into a lot more bones than they actually have is hilarious and will probably never get old ever.
  • Player physics, I did a lot of tweaking on the first day, liked it and stuck with it.

Stuff that Definitely Didn’t Work:

  • OGMO EDITOR. God jesus I hate everything about it. It closes all your open levels every time you want to add a layer/tileset/entity and forces tiled placements of entities. Not to mention it had some interesting bugs such as throwing an exception as soon as anything has a space in its name and you try to save.
  • Don’t code games while watching TV. I code like 3x slower.
  • Leaving the levels till last minute. I only had level 3 (was originally only going to be the test level) done until 1 hour before compo end, where I had to make fun levels and test them as a batch process for 30 mins before music. Because of this the game only has 4 levels. :'(
  • Wake up earlier during Ludum Dare. Those extra hours could have been more levels/an actual background tileset/more enemies!
  • Dropbox kept dropping asset requests randomly, so if you’re asking “Why is this game hosted on a site for a Javascript Gameboy Colour emulator” then that’s your reason! It also loads a lot faster too, as I have the site under CloudFlare CDN. Hopefully that and this bloody 10MB gif I just embedded don’t get my cloudflare account shut down for unleashing 300TBs worth of bandwidth on them. >:)

Stuff I enjoyed doing:

  • Designing levels with a tool like Ogmo Editor and writing the parser was actually really fun, despite the tool being not what I needed. I’d like to find and use a better level designer for my next ludum dare game, if it happens to be tile based.
  • The particle system was really fun to set up and play around with, but maybe I shouldn’t go so overboard with particles next time. 😉

Though despite all this, it has still been a blast, and I’d definitely do it again. Since I didn’t make it in last time, I’m extremely chuffed that I managed to create this game in the time I forced myself into, and from what I’ve played so far, you guys should be too!

javasctpript + htemml5 5 ever

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4 Responses to “Low Battery – Poset Moreteum!!”

  1. BradleySmith says:

    Your game was one of my favorites.

  2. mrspeaker says:

    Wow this looks damn amazing… adding it to my “to play” list fo’ sure!

  3. meszka says:

    I recommend Tiled for level editing. I used it for the first time and it was really easy. It can draw your edge/corner tiles for you and it exports to json!

  4. RHY3756547 says:

    Hey meszka, I checked out tiled and it’s amazing! Thanks for telling me about it, that json export really helps too!

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