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    Introducing: EcoStar vs Aeronox

    Posted by
    August 27th, 2013 3:56 am


    Dream Team started as an idea to form a group of proven Ludum Dare vets and game jamming badasses in an effort to create world peace. In a weird sort of way, we accomplished that goal. With 7 combined Ludum Dare medals and 15 total competitions between us, we combined our efforts to create one large, frightening mass of game design ooey gooey goodness. We hope you like it!

    So what exactly IS EcoStar vs Aeronox?

    The evil Aeronox forces have sent our planet into hyper orbit, sending us spiraling out of control and fast forwarding our years at breakneck speed! You may think this is just another shooter, but that’s where our interpretation of the theme comes into play. The seasons change every 10 seconds, and it alters the entire world around you… the sights, the sounds, the foes, and even the power of your own ship. Each season has a corresponding elemental power that is absorbed and unleashed by EcoStar’s stellar charge blast. Combined with elemental enemies and shields, this creates a shoot-em-up unlike any other… where the focus isn’t always on shooting the fastest… but on making the RIGHT shot a the RIGHT time.



    Play it! – EcoStar vs Aeronox

    And please be sure to read the included HOW TO PLAY document for an explanation of the rules and controls. We also have Xbox 360 gamepad support, and we highly suggest that control scheme if you want to win!

    We’ll be back at a later date to discuss what went right, what went wrong, and to deliver a radical post-compo version. In the meantime, we’re going to get some much needed rest. Ditto worked on squashing two game breaking bugs after the initial submission (Sweden vs U.S.A. decimals & commas? Really?!) and SonnyBone stayed awake for 36 hours and is now typing this sentence. He is going slightly crazy and is starting to refer to himself in the third person. He sure is attractive and very smart. XXXOOO


    Lead Programmer / Assistant Artist

    Lead Artist / Animator / Assistant Programmer

    Sound Designer / Assistant Artist


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    2 Responses to “Introducing: EcoStar vs Aeronox”

    1. Codexus says:

      Haha, number formatting bugs, always a classic!

      That looks great, I can’t wait to try it.

    2. Ditto says:

      Haha, is that common? Never encountered before, was just lucky I worked with an american or I wouldn’t have found that until too late! :D

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