Any pyglet developper ?

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August 27th, 2013 11:42 am

Our entry for the jam is done but only 2 people seem to have played it… probably because there is no windows executable. Python and pyglet are really awesome tools and are cross-platforms, but most players don’t want to download additional libs just to play a game.

Unfortunately, I’m only using Linux… So I am asking the awesome LD community: is there someone who could turn our game into an executable ? That would be really great.

Edit: thanks to shinD, windows users can now play the game!

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6 Responses to “Any pyglet developper ?”

  1. shinD says:

    I can see if I can get it to work

  2. Mental Atrophy says:

    To package my entry, I used cx_Freeze:

    I found a fairly brief tutorial on using it on YouTube:

    I still had to move some of the libraries by hand into the executable’s folder. I identified the missing libraries just by running the executable in cmd prompt and seeing which ones errored out. You’ll also need to move over other files/folders for sprites/sounds/etc.

  3. Psifour says:

    I’m sure that since this hit the front page someone will make a stand-alone executable now 😀 Best of luck on your entry (I will boot over to my other partition and give it a try in a bit).

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