Hello boys & girls,

as many before me I decided to throw in my two cents about the compo.  A small spoiler before I start – this was fucking awesome!


So, this was the first time I took part in a Ludum Dare and I must say I’m really disappointed that I’m gonna have to wait another 3 months to do this again 😉

The entire experience was epic – from the hectic schedule, to sleep-deprived coding and the last minute heart attacks induced by game-breaking bugs you found but can’t wrap your tired brain around. I think I lived off of bananas & energy bars on Saturday and forgot to eat on Sunday >_<


The first “Thumbs Up” comments I got made it all worthwhile though 😀


Without further adue, here’s how it went for me:


  • The Ups:

Well first of all, the process of making a game, from start to fin.. *cough* a working demo, as you all know, is very rewarding in itself :)

Also, as with any Game Jam, it put pressure on me as a whole – from my skills, to my ideas, to planning, performing under stress and even taking some very hard decisions what to let go and what to work on till the very end so I can say I pushed my limits which is always accompanied by the liberating feeling of “Hell yeah, you’re the man!” (I’m sure you ladies out there can relate :P)


  • The Downs:

Uhm, nope no downs, everything went according to plan and the game is already making millions..



ok ok, maybe that’s not entirely true :) Planning was ok overall, but I underestimated the time it would take to animate the entire storyline – the game is like a pre-recorded movie that you control yourself, and so I was left without time for proper fine tuning which led to a few mental breakdowns from “Fuck, I’m so not gonna make this…” and “Come on code, you’re a good fella, you can debug yourself.. pretty please?” to begging, threatening and physically abusing the computer until it finally worked.


  • Thoughts:

To all of you that made it: Kudos, you guys are awesome and I can’t wait to try as many of your games as possible! And to those of you who didn’t, well, I know the feeling but don’t let it eat you up – it was more likely than not a great experience and I’m sure you can make something of it :)


  • Wrapping it up..

I leave you with a short timelapse in pictures :

– Model creation .gif – and yeah, I use the term Model quite loosely 😉


– Proof of concept – Check 😉


– Versions 0.1 and 0.2 :)


– And the final export :)


If you wanna try the game, here it goes:

Click to play!    (Opens in a new tab)

Hope you all had as much fun as I did and I’ll see you guys & girls in 3 months 😉



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