August 27th, 2013 1:36 pm

Well, it looks like my personal effort for this Ludum Dare has been demoted to a Jam entry. 😛


Parallel Panic

The game is a little weird, you play as a scientist working on a teleportation device. During a routine test, something goes wrong and the facility is suddenly swarming with intergalactic invaders. Luckily a side effect of the machine’s going haywire is that it immediately warps you out of the facility- and into another dimension.

Gameplay is pretty basic, each level is a new dimension with some bits of plutonium scattered about. Collecting all the plutonium warps you to the next dimension/level. However, you only have ten seconds in each zone before the invaders catch up to you and begin flooding the level.

Each dimension is different and the game features zones underwater, in hell, in dinosaur times, with low/no gravity, potatokitties and more!

Screenie2 Screenie3

One of the main things that ate up my time this Dare was my decision to also work on a quick collab with DJWildebeest, making a pirate battle game where you individually control each of your ship’s 6 cannons, which each take ten seconds to reload.

We had to scrap a lot of the enemy AI work we did on the second day because it was becoming clear it would be too complex to finish in time, so the enemies are pretty simple and don’t use the same side-firing method as the player. The player controls are really all we got done, and are pretty unique. You control your ship with the dPad and WASD, with the arrows controlling your movement and WASD selecting and firing your cannons.

While it’s definitely what I’m blaming for Parallel Panic not getting done in time for the 48 hour compo, I couldn’t be more pleased with the game so far, and really look forward to helping add features like full enemy AI and little pirate boarders. Check out DJWildebeest’s page for more info on that!


Or just go play the game 😀

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  1. flavio says:

    Hey !
    You might want to change the folder of your game, because right now Dropbox offers only to download files one by one.
    You should try to put the file on the public folder and then provide the html adress. It might work 😉

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