10sShmup – A small Post Mortem – Alcohol not included!

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August 27th, 2013 5:21 am

I saw everyone doing it, seemed fun to do the same.


First of all, I am a Game designer with some code skills and very poor skills in other areas, aka sound and art.

This is my third LD, the second I managed to deliver something. My first was the “You are the villain”. I was going to finish the game using GameSalad but the program stopped working and I had to start over in Unity with a huge learning curve ahead.

The second one, Minimalism, was made using Unity, I already had developed some skills. The problem was that I chose a genre that I am not very good at: Puzzle.

For this one I decided two things:

1. It would be a shmup or a platformer

2. I was going to use pictures (of me or my kid)

When the theme came up I was lost. 10 seconds… hummm hard choice.  At that time I recall an article I read regarding alcohol and creativity.  I went for it. Grab a couple of beers and went to bed to watch cartoons with my kid. And suddenly the idea came to me! A shmup with increasing difficulty every 10 seconds. At that moment, when the 2 beers hit me (yes, alcohol is super effective against me) I made a 3rd decision: No decisions made under the effect of alcohol could be changed, as insane it could sound.

At the peak of my “alcohol” rush I took some pictures of me and cleaned them in PS.

Then it was easy. I made several experimental shmups and it was kinda easy to develop it.

One thing that I HAD to do, my doom at game jams, was keeping the game working and not focusing on stupid features. So, after finishing cleaning my pictures, I went to the game and made it almost to the end and then came back to the “funny” part of the game. That part could be left out if there wasn’t time to finish it. This is called, if I am not mistake, the 80/20 error, where you spend 80% of your time in the 20% least important features. This worked out.

As always, I would have several things fixed, but the time was short. One small fix that I made was add a mouse support (only joystick available for the compo). The High Score logic was wrong, first because I made a very noob mistake when comparing the scores, and second because I forgot to comment the line that erased the scores when the game loaded.  Besides those, take the stupid label that I placed in the game to trace the mouse 😛

One thing that I wanted was to make the game have an end. The game ends after 240 seconds (24 cicles) with a drunk message from me 😛

Instead of making a what went wrong/right, I made this text, everything is inside id :)

Thank you for reading these lines and if you can, here is the link to the game, I would love if you play the game and leave a comment.


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