X-TREEEME Post-Mortem

August 26th, 2013 8:24 pm

So, for this 27th LD compo, I made a game called X-TREEEME Pin the Tail on the Donkey. XPtTotD for short. And all in all, I think I–

Tailed It!

For the first time in one of my LD entries, this game had *drumroll* good graphics! No, really!


My tileset, as proof.

So yeah, I’m pretty proud of that. Let’s go over how it all went down:

Friday night, I spent the hours trying to come up with an idea. I chatted for a long time with my friend, and we came up with this: a game where you have to go from checkpoint to checkpoint in 10 seconds. I went to bed satisfied with the concept, but I couldn’t fall asleep. While I’d love to play that game, I decided against being the one to make it when I came up with something much better on the brink of sleep. When the subconscious works best, as you know! It can be summed up below:

My game's instructions.

I have no memory of what thoughts led me to come up with that, but I really do love the idea.

Saturday, I woke up and got on the Team AllHailNoah IRC and started my livestream. The IRC was our private alternative to the overpopulous Ludum Dare IRC, and we had fun on it. My live stream was never visited by too many people at one time, but the people who watched were helpful (especially Aran Koning) and we listened to music from Spongebob. My standard (set by last time) is now three enemy/obstacles per game, and since these ones didn’t need any path finding, it was much faster than last time. I ended the day trying and failing to make tile graphics.

Sunday, I picked back up on the graphics and finished them all up. I then did the level design. I’m pretty bad at level design, so it took way longer than I wish it had, but it got done. I had to cut any pretense of story out of the game, but I had time to work in the instructions graphic you see above instead. I also got to work with a gui library this time, so adding buttons was a breeze! In the end, the biggest disaster was how little time I had for music at the end, compounded by a crash in Aria Maestosa the first time around. Luckily, no one has complained about it so far, so I guess somehow it’s not that annoying.

To be honest, I haven’t even beat all the levels in the game myself. But I know they CAN be beaten. :)

What Went Right:

  • Graphics!
  • Concept!
  • GUI!

What Went Wrong:

  • It’s a bit difficult.
  • I didn’t get to put in any story.
  • The music.

In the end, I’m sure this will get a higher score than all my other games in all categories (except maybe mood and audio). Once again, I had a great time. See you at LD28!

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