Will you beat 10 seconds? – Done.

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August 26th, 2013 7:34 pm

After 3 days finally something playable is done.

And it somehow makes fun.

Here it is: http://www.ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-27/?action=preview&uid=5888




I did a lot of backend work so there is not much to see. Just simple programmer art. Powered by gimp.

The rules are simple:

→ You control the balls on top. Move them left and right. Trigger them to shoot balls down.

→ On the lower lane there are other balls spawning. Hit them!

→ You win when there is no ball left. You lose if the lane if full with balls.


To crush the lower ones you need to hit them with the right color. Just the yellow ones can be destroyed by any of them.



The tricky part is more on the technical side. The game runs on a PC. Currently only on Linux. But you use your Android device to control the movements and shooting of your balls. Moving is done by rotating. Shooting by accelerating/wobbling.


What did I use:

→ gimp for creating awesome balls

→ C++, QML for coding

→ Qt + QML for Android controller

→ SDL2 + SDL_image + SDL_net +SDL_ttf for PC game

→ vim + qtcreator as IDEs

→ Debian Linux, Cyanogen Android as dev systems



What else?

Lines: cpp: 1228 ||  h:320  ||  qml: 508 || total: 2056



→ Vim plugin syntastic made some problems by automatic including wrong headers. Setting the right option helps a lot. Session plugin also wasn’t always doing what I want. Now it’s better.

→ SDL_net provides much less comfort then QtSockets. It’s very basic but it works. Documentation is OK for most things. But missing others (or I didn’t find them), like e.g. how to detect a disconnect, setting up a broadcast.

→ SDL_ttf can’t do multiline text :-(


What did rock?

→ Vims autocomplete with clang_complete and error finding with syntastic

→ Learning working with sensors and network

→ Doing something with SDL2 and C++ again

→ Getting the high score ^__^




have fun playing this and all other entries!



PS: Could someone please provide a Windows & Mac port of this one? (Maybe even an iOS version of the controller?)


PPS: Got 72 seconds and 234 points. Anyone can beat it? Did anyone win? 😉


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