Usain Bolt Simulator 2013 – Finish Line

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August 26th, 2013 2:11 pm

Well, I did it, finished the game. I was aiming for the competition but due to time constraints (*cough* got lazy on day 2 *cough*) I decided to enter the Jam instead.

Play 10 levels, each in under 10 seconds, of Usain Bolt’s day leading up to the 100m finals in Beijing. Uber-realistic graphics compliment the immersive and detailed and totally not some simple mini-games I chucked together gameplay to make this title what it is.

I think this game is by far the funniest game I’ve made, and showed me two things about programming.

1) You can 100% program a game with zero structure, complete ineffeciency and a mass of  assets that are not handled properly.

2) You shouldn’t do that.

On this small game my laziness got the better of me and fortunately it didn’t hurt my productivity at all. Should I have been making something more than just a 10 mini-games game I foresee a handful of problems.

Pretty good results, good Ludum Dare, and I had great fun drawing the art in the full knowledge that it was so bad the game was only getting better! Bring on the next one, oh and enjoy the game!





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