Robots Save the Day is finished!

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August 26th, 2013 5:37 pm


First of all, and most importantly, this has been a lot of fun to make! It’s not perfect, and there are probably horrible bugs everywhere, but it’s a complete little story to play through for our robot heroes!

What went right

This time, I didn’t fail. The game runs well (at least on my system) and there is real content. Last time, the goals were too ambitious and a lot of things went wrong during development. This time, and with the experience of LD26 to look back on, things went more smoothly even though I didn’t spend the entire 72 hours actually making the game.

Overall I like “Robots Save the Day” a lot. The graphics and the UI, although not spectacular, feel right. And I really love our two protagonists!

What could have been better

I had only time for one music track, and it’s not exactly great. Also, the sound effects are uneven at best, but at lest they do convey the humorous atmosphere like I hoped they would. Usability of the “programming” screen isn’t that great, and it will take players some time to figure it out. I wonder if anyone will bother to do that, but I sure hope so. If I had more time and energy, I’d probably invest it into more content and levels as well. As it is, the puzzles are so easy they hardly deserve the name. This is mainly to allow fellow LDers to play the game through to the end in a few minutes. It’s a trade-off though. Lastly, the level and robot graphics could profit from more refinement.

What didn’t work at all

I started the project in Three.js. Robots Save the Day was initially planned as a 3D WebGL application. But I didn’t look at Three.js before Ludum Dare, so of course that started to go very wrong very fast. After about half a day I scrapped the 3D ambitions and went basic 2D. VERY basic. This allowed me to actually finish the game, which I otherwise couldn’t have. But it’s a big regret. The game would have been so much better with real graphics and animations. For next LD, I vow to finally make a 3D game.

Also, next time I’m planning on using more of the development time. Running off to our pen&paper RPG round, and of course having a normal work day on day 3, all of that could have been spent making the game bigger and better.

Famous last words

This game was ridiculously fun to make, I really had a blast. I love what I made, warts and all. Looking at the other entries though, I also know it’s unrealistic for me to expect to make much of a dent. It’s absolutely humbling how many awesome games you guys produced. I can’t wait to play them (tomorrow, very tired now).

If you’d like to try out Robots Save the Day, here’s the link.


That’s it, folks. Robots signing off.

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