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August 26th, 2013 8:42 am

sprite-chief For my first participation to Ludum Dare, I wanted to make a quick analysis for this WE.

sprite-minion-blocker The facts :

I have worked 2*12h on the project. I had the idea in mind since the last round of theme voting.
Everything is from scratch, no framework used.

sprite-minion-blocker The goods : 

– The game is short, but complete.
– I have implemented the A* algorithm for the minions.
– I have tried Javascript (“HTML5”) for this kind of developpement, and it is quite powerful.
– The game may be fun, with more levels.
– In general, the code is clean. Some shortcuts here and here, but the code is ready to handle evolutions and changes.
– Work on many browsers, including the iPad.

sprite-minion-blocker The bads :

– Graphics : I wanted to make a logo, and better sprites, but I only spent 1 hour to make them. However, the characters are ok, for this time budget.
– No animations.
– Sound : I have made a music and basic sound effect but no time to include it !
– The sprites are loaded one by one, helped by the HTML <img>. I definitly need to develop a media manager.
– I wanted to make more minions types and put actors : explosives, teleporters, fighters, traps… But I choose to finish cleanly and completely with only blockers. The good news is that the game engine is good enough to add them quickly.

sprite-minion-blocker The ugly :

– Nothing but now I know I am officialy a NERD when I say to my friends what I do on my WE :)

sprite-minion-blocker sprite-chief sprite-minion-blocker sprite-minion-blocker

Thanks for voting and commenting my entry :


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