LD27 – Team Seconds – Final Thoughts

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August 26th, 2013 10:04 am

I started the competition Friday night at a Ludum Dare meetup at the Dallas Makerspace. It was great to meet other people (about 10-12 showed up) who are interested in Ludum Dare. It was also really exciting to be in a group when the theme was announced and talk about ideas.  There was definitely an atmosphere of minor disappointment with the theme of “10 seconds”. I think almost everyone was hoping for another theme. I gave my prepared pep talk “the first obstacle to Ludum Dare is accepting the theme.”  Next everyone started brainstorming ideas. Everyone left after about 3 hours. I think it was a great way to start the LD experience.

I started my entry early Saturday morning. Within about an hour I decided on my idea. I was certain I did not want to interpret the theme of “10 seconds” as having anything to do with time. I arrived at the concept of “second stringers”. People who sit on the bench or are alternates to the first picks. In my game, the 10 First’s were lost on a mission, and the 10 Second’s are sent into rescue them. In the game you have very simple start/stop controls to manipulate 10 separate characters to clear rooms of enemies, rescue the firsts and then continue searching a building.

I feel I was mostly successful, and pretty satisfied with my final product. It is playable and thankfully the sound effects vastly improve the experience.

I ended up spending about 22 dedicated hours in total. About 10 hours on Saturday and 12 hours on Sunday.  I did all the code and graphics on my own. I used bfxr for sound effects.


  • bfxr
    This is a miracle program for LD. I wouldn’t have sound effects without it.
  • Python/cocos2d/pyglet
    I Love programming in Python and this is the best framework to do it. Sadly, I will give it up next time. See final thoughts.
  • Sleep
    I went to bed Friday night and I did not work on the game for about 12 hours during the half-way point. Coming back to the game the next day helped me focus on what was important.
  • Accepted theme from start
    I did not like the theme. I did not like the last one. I may never like it. But I won’t let that stop me from building a game, which is what I love most.


  • Music
    I tried using  iNudge, but wasn’t happy with what I produced. I have no music ability. Wasted about an hour. One day I will have music with my entry, but not this time.
  • Created assets I did not use
    Create the assets as you are going to add them to the game. Otherwise, it’s lost time when you cut the feature. I spent time creating versions of the rescued characters so they can follow around the primary characters as they are rescued. I had to cut this feature and lost about 30 minutes with graphics assets that were never used.


10 Second Clip:

 1 Minute Demo:


After my previous entry I came to the realization a web-based game is the most logical solution for competing in Ludum Dare. I don’t like downloading and running executables, so I can’t blame anyone who doesn’t want to download mine. And since getting people to try my game is one of the main points of LD for me personally, I am going to switch to one of the many Javascript/HTML5/WebGL based frameworks. I was going to do this for LD27, but never spent the time learning one. I MUST do this before the next competition.



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  1. AdricZero says:

    And another reason to go web-based… My first comment on my entry says they got a dangerous download warning from Chrome. All browsers now apparently will scan zip files and check for unsigned EXE’s. I can’t blame anyone for not wanting to take a chance. Web-based is the future.

  2. AdricZero says:

    And now another user is getting an unknown error about loading a DLL. Some issue with the Python packaging process or operating system specific. Another reason for web-based.

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