LD27 Post-Mortem

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August 26th, 2013 8:49 am

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Here is my game: Mission Mars.

I had so much fun making it and I was happy to finish it in time!

That weekend was crazy, that “sleep – code – eat – sleep – code – eat” kind of moment.

This is my first HTML5 platform game I ever made. Technically, I used Pixi.js for the rendering, Backbone.js for the models & events and Q for Promises.

My goal was to make something done and polished – graphics may have been a bit better but I think it was so far the most finished game I ever made! (At least I have an intro, some dialogs and a story, not just a demo as I used to do.)

> Day 1


I started the day by brainstorming some ideas in the train in my way to Paris.

Then I joined @mrspeaker to some coding session all day long at Paris’ Starbucks, that was fun, may not be the most productive idea though!


Back to my game, It turns out that I wasn’t fully prepared: I’ve implemented all the game core logic from scratch: implementing my own collision detection (+ re-writing it twice!), implementing some classic platform game mecanisms like gravity/walk/wall/platform/jump/climb-on-ladder features… so I lost my first day having a prototype working! At least, I finish up the level design the first day.

> Day 2

Second day was more productive back home! I plan to only do graphics/audios/dialogs/polishes that day. However I still found some time (up to 2 AM!) to add the boss level, I won’t spoil it but I didn’t have so much idea for it so I end up with mixing a classic video game with my platform controls!

I found the usage of Promises to organise code and pipe the scenes flow quite powerful…




Final words

I hope my game is not too hard to finish. If you have any questions and suggestions feel free to comment. Congrats if you reach the end :-)




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