LD 27 – Review

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August 26th, 2013 7:45 am

So I post it now cause I was wasted yesterday after those 30 hour of programming !

Here is my LD27 Entry : Test Chamber

It was my second LD 48 , and i really improved a lot in my knowledge of SLICK2D. I’m really impressed of the difference between my LD 26 and my LD 27 game.

I felt like the theme was great, I had multiple ideas right away , but the 48h restrictions hit me hard.

This time, i used multiple map, home made graphics ( even tough i’m really BAD at it ), better collision engine ( but not perfect ), included powerup / weapong / lever.

The good

– Better understanding in SLICK2D. ( But i will probably move on to another one, libgdx )

– Good planning ( but I was a little short )

– Level Design . I enjoyed making those maps so much !

The bad

– 48 hours is hard for me . I slept around 8 hours, watched some streams for 4-5 hours, barely ate but i was short in time ( I only made 10 maps, i wanted 20 ).

– Not enought Debug ( but i think it’s kind of ok ). But it’s not cool to find a bug a 1 am when the LD stops at 3.

– Graphics . It’s better than last time, but god i’m slow and not good at it … Lots of improvment to do here.


I’m pretty happy with my game. It’s something i’ll be proud to show to someone. This weekend was exhausting, but F*ck it,  it was worth it.

So if you wanna try it , here is my game : Test Chamber

Enjoy & a big thank you to LudumDare once again!

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