Withdrawing =/

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August 25th, 2013 4:13 pm

Ran into every possible setback (Comcast had to come reinstall internet/lay a cable in my front yard, costing me hours;  people kept dragging me out to some party happening outside; Ran into a few nasty bugs that crashed Unity and took hours of debugging).  I have the intro, and the ending, all of the music, all of the game elements, AI pathing, player health, death, traps, moving platforms, and a whole assortment of things, but it’s all so hacked together that it’s unsalvageable, and I’d have less than 2 hours to actually make the levels from all of these (somewhat buggy) things.

So screw it.  Entering the Jam would buy me maybe 3 hours more anyway, since Mondays are for jobs.

I’ll enter again next time with better basecode (honestly, half this crap should have been base code).

Best of luck to everyone else though!



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  1. proc says:

    I know how you’re feeling. I’ve decided I’ll share my buggy mess right on the deadline however. Next time!

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