Surprising amount of fatigue this time

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August 25th, 2013 1:14 am

Not from myself, really. I’ve been more or less going at it all weekend. But something about the 10 seconds topic – or maybe it’s just the time of year? – seems to be throwing people off this time. Not totally sure why, but there you go. I think part of the issue that’s throwing some people is that a lot of people try to avoid the obvious 10 seconds interpretation, but all the witty interpretations are really narrow and touchy to base a game around. You know, like, “Seconds, seconds… well, there’s sloppy, but…” Yeah, no, I think I’ll just rely on ten second timers.

I’m about halfway done with my entry (measured in arbitrary made-up estimations) though I haven’t even started on the audio and music. That part bugs me, and it’s a serious weak spot I have. I was messing around in Milkytracker a year ago, but I just haven’t hit it like I have programming and pixel art to produce anything of note. Oh well, I think there are some resources that qualify for LD27? I’ll use those.

I suppose this would be a bland update without a picture, so here’s a hastily cropped portion of my introductory movie thing!


Mysterious! Isn’t it? Can you tell that’s a horse? Not the blonde.

Anyway, I hope everyone’s having fun with this one and I look forward to your entries. Good luck!


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