So how about that beautiful chaos

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August 25th, 2013 7:34 am

Yup, I think that just about explains the game.

The holy scripture that is my todo list still consists of a few things that should be quick but are sure to take more than I thought, even if I take into account Hofstadter’s law.

For example, right now you get too many collected enemies. But there’s a pretty no-brainer solution of spawning more enemies. ERM I MEANT LESS ENEMIES OF COURSE. It’s hectic to begin with, but the way I implemented 10-second powerups makes it almost impossible.

The game mechanics clearly foreshadow a higher goal than just surviving. Since you can selectively restrict bullets and enemies based on your collectibles (note the blacked out enemies), I discovered that with certain optimal builds you can become an immortal lambda monster roaming the


space forever. I think that might be a fitting way to complete the game END THE TUTORIAL AND START A MUCH HARDER WAVE.

Work has also begun on music and sound effects. The main track sounds like Mario Kart or something, but it’s too catchy for me to trash it. Well I’ll probably score pretty high in Audio as usual even if I just bang my keyboard, since most of you fools don’t seem to understand the power of music.

I’d like to take you in my lap and gently whisper to your ear “don’t worry, those aren’t the final graphics”, but you know how it always turns out.

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