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August 25th, 2013 7:59 am

Here is small insight into the development of ShuffleLand, my game for LD #27. It’s turn based strategic game, where your goal is to save your first (aka king) with your seconds (aka servants). You have exactly 10 seconds to give orders  to your seconds (servants) — king can’t be moved by himself, he must be pushed by his servants. And If you think it’s easy there are bad guys too :) If you lose during your gameplay 10 your seconds (servantsyou’ll lose for good.

Here is actual screenshot:


And here is short list of what is finished already and what must be done during following 10 hours:

  • graphics – almost done (95%)
  • gameplay – done (100%)
  • menu – missing (0%)
  • levels – 4/8 (50%)
  • sounds – missing (0%)

Overall felling? 90% done syndrome 😀

Code statistics: 

lang: Java  files: 12

LINES blank: 276 comment: 94 code: 1139 total: 1509

If you want to give it a try, here is java applet: ShuffleLand [DropBox]

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