Not Efficient, but It will do

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August 25th, 2013 12:39 am

So Woke up and started working on the hunters, mainly shotgun and blunderbus. They behave slightly differently as the shotgun has less of  a spread, and the guy knows how to head their targets slightly.

Also Added the chickens, and Scoring. alas, there is a separate navigation tree for them so that they do not do the same paths as the hunters and dogs. Unfortunately their gizmos are ALSO red, so the entire tree is a big mess.

Foxes and Chickens.

The Chickens also run away. quite quickly.

Not the most efficient method, but it will do.  In anycase, I seem to be running out of time, so I am not quite sure If i can get any models up and running. Makes me slightly sad, but I rather focus on the gameplay now. Next stop to add the spawning system.

The animation also shows how the hunters can hit the chickens AND the other enemies. So you can take some big risks to make your life easier. 😀


Perhaps post-mortem I could improve and create models for these.




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