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August 25th, 2013 4:56 pm

First of all, sorry in advance for my text. English is not my fist language, so…

I never finished a game before. I’ve made some prototypes in the past, but never got back to them. So to finish this game in 48h for LD makes me very happy! \o/

And it makes obvious, but I think a need to say that this is my fist time on LD.


Techy talk:

I knew I was going to take forever if I started coding my own engine. So I decide to use Construct 2. I never ever used one of this game makers, but I always thought about them while wondering why I never finished any project.

I can’t draw and I used the internal editor from Constructor, except for the logo (because I wanted some fancy unnoticeable gradient and I used Photoshop). Programmer art FTW!

I have no talent for music either, and I went with sfxr and Circuli (from the same guy who made Otomata).


The Game:

The game is named Oxy and is about two coworkers who work in a underwater lab. Then an accident happens and they must leave right away. The problem is you two only have one oxygen tank. Ah! Also, your coworker Dave is unconscious. So you have to drag him around to help him breathe. He is useful to open doors too.

My entry is here. Give it a try!

Here is some screenshots:

1 2 3

Final Thoughts:

Using Construct 2 was interesting. Sometimes I wished for making my own engine and sometimes was pretty easy to do stuff. I didn’t know the best practices to use Construct 2 so the project is a real mess. Sometimes it doesn’t event open the level layout without crashing the software. For my next time, I will try to code everything.

I hope you guys enjoy this little idea.


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