Long Time No See

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August 25th, 2013 8:34 am

Hello everyone again sorry for not updating for such a long time. I just go completely pulled in, and I forgot to post my updates so heres the quick recap.

For past 24+ hours I have done some very very very basic art. Game engine is done. Now I’m working on game levels and finalizing the art.

So, as far what is my idea. My idea is to make this runner/shooter/puzzle/everything. Basically our main character is waking up one morning and he realizes that he has a super power, which is he can hear what is going on a long distances. So he has 10 seconds to save someone. Idea is probably pretty horrible (or maybe it just me), but I couldn’t come up with anything else (let me know what you think of this idea). So this will probably be a jam game, if I magically wont finnish It today which probably is not going to happen.

So heres a sneak peak at some art of the game (yes, this will be a top down view game). Please tell me what you think of an art.

The main guy (that’s an official name for him):






The Bad Guy (also official):



Well, thats it for art that I  think turned out the best (You can image how everything else looks).

So from now on I’m going to post updates as much as possible.



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