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August 25th, 2013 9:09 am

So then my first person suspense clustercluck of a game is taking shape pretty nicely.

9 hours left into the Compo, and here’s what I’ve finished:

  • two 10 second mechanics
  • moody lighting and balancing
  • initial room and pseudo-tutorial implemented
  • level designs planned out
  • failure and difficulty conditions planned out

Sounds like a lot, but then again, 9 hours left into the Compo, and here’s what I have to do:

  • implement 3rd 10 second mechanic, which ties closely to the —
  • failure condition, which again ties closely to —
  • enemy/creature spawning and AI

And we have more:

  • switch activation triggers (there should be a changing of lights and particles and all that)
  • checkpoint implementation (don’t wanna have the player to start everything over)
  • implementing level designs
  • sound effects, ambience, and music (a REALLY important mood-setter IMHO)
  • make a title and backstory for the game!

So essentially, I won’t make it for the Compo (and I still have to make music and ambience and whatnot!). So I’ll be going into the Jam!

To everyone struggling to finish their games, don’t fret, and just do it! Don’t be too hard on yourselves!
Here’s a calming screenshot of my current build to soothe everyone agitated with the deadline:


So soothing.

 I’m actually having a problem playtesting my game because I’m scared as hell when I try it so yeah good luck to me

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