It’s Been An Amazing Weekend

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August 25th, 2013 4:52 pm

So, I’m finished with my entry: ‘Grig Saves Time’ and I gotta say: I’M FEELING AWESOME!

This has probably been the most fun Ludum Dare I have done, and I feel like I got a lot accomplished. The best news is this: I know I can do it better next time!

That’s right, I dedicated a lot to the development, but the platforming code could have easily been taken from basecode. I’ve done velocity, collision, and keyboard input almost exactly the same in a few other games, and decided I should just put all that into a library and use it as base code for future platforming. The point is, it was not outside my comfort zone, and I spent a lot of time just working out the odds and ends of how I wanted to portray the story. It took the whole weekend, however I did break for dinner and time with my sweetheart last night, and for church today. I slept a total of 14 out of the 48 hours. It’s possible that I make something even more amazing next time.

The storyboards are probably my favorite! It felt good to have a heavier narrative, even in a 48-hour game. Heavier, as in, more than one screen to explain the story, the premise, the reason why our fantasy creature is even going around jumping and attacking.

Livestreaming on This was the first time I have ever used livestreaming, and it definitely had an impact on my computer. Compile times went through the roof, and I had to deal with wearing headphones to get rid of echo. The friends stopping by to chat was great, though. I stick with the fact that I move around the house a lot, as probably a reason not to keep doing that. Eventually, I can get a computer that can handle livestreaming and compiling and listening to playlist on youtube all at the same time.

So, I want to say thank you to all the friends who sent kind words about my progress, and to those who spent time with me on the stream. This has been, as predicted, the best Ludum Dare I’ve done. Thanks!

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