It’s alive !

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August 25th, 2013 2:35 pm

The gameplay works. :) It’s nice to see the little creatures born and live and create nests and make childrens and follow my clics. There is no graphisms yet and i don’t know if it will be finished for tomorrow, but i’m happy happy. \o/

You can try it here online, but you will need the explanations below to understand the feedbacks, for i have to implement tutoriels and all the stuff.

We will play with little creatures who only have ten seconds lifespan (the green aura let you see the time left). You have to help them fulfil the great wish and goal of their life (like meet another one (the blue ones), reproduce themselve (the pinks), or construct a nest (the greens)) by guiding them in the right place to achieve it.

The nests (black and white spots) are necessary for reproduction; to construct one the nest-goal creatures have to go to a random specific point (their green areas), that moves away the creatures and thus you will have to move them for the encounters. The nests and creatures have to grow before being usable.

One can make born a maximum of 15 creatures, when all of them have been born or if you forgot to make reproduce them and there is no new generations, you get a total of creatures having been happy or unhappy (not done yet).

Bonus : when they meet, creatures says something cute or fun or poetical, and it is wrote in The Great Book Of Life. Perhaps.

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  1. Mlle Eole says:

    Update, Ctrl + F5 to see it : I’ve improved a little bit the feedbacks to better see the scope of the click, and you can change the scope with the mousewheel (the white bar in the middle allows you to feel your settings). It allows for a more accurate pointer or encompassing more creatures. :)

  2. nSun says:

    Nice game ! Why dont you publish your game in a compo ?….
    I’d like to try with masses of creatures that follow my pointer without need to click anythings. But that’s not happiness…

  3. Mlle Eole says:

    Thanks ! :) And yes i will !

    The game won’t be finished in time but still, it’s playable.

    I don’t know how to make the creatures to follow the pointer, it would need to recalculate all the time the coordinates from and where to go and i don’t have a clue about how to do it. :p

    But you can already make little swarms of 6-8 creatures to follow you. :p

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