Introducing SimDare as The Entry

Posted by (twitter: @Michcioperz)
August 25th, 2013 3:17 pm

So, I submitted my game. So far I think it is the best game I ever made for a game jam, and I’m so happy about it :)

The game is a Ludum Dare simulator. That is, your goal is to make a game, and you have to keep yourself from dehydrating, starving and “falling asleep forever”. There are also other problems, which I’ll let you find by yourself.

Looking at the games I made before, this is the first game I think I’m able to expand. There are many possibilities, features that would make gameplay more interesting, I’m going to try and make a great game from what I made this weekend.

Thanks for reading and helping me get through the jam. As we say in Team All Hail Noah,

[2013-08-25 22:07:21] <michcioperz> \GO
[2013-08-25 22:07:22] <AHNbot> INDIES!
[2013-08-25 22:07:24] <michcioperz> \GO
[2013-08-25 22:07:24] <AHNbot> INDIES!
[2013-08-25 22:07:26] <michcioperz> \GO
[2013-08-25 22:07:27] <AHNbot> INDIES!
[2013-08-25 22:07:28] <AHNbot> INDIES!
[2013-08-25 22:07:28] <AHNbot> INDIES!

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