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August 25th, 2013 4:03 pm

Well, sort of. The game works and includes multiplayer! Yay!

I struggled with the theme (again): Wario Ware was stuck in my head and I wanted something different. I can’t say the resulting game is very different from Wario Ware, but it isn’t exactly a clone neither. It includes 4 minigames where you can win/lose. Score is kept across the different minigames.

I couldn’t get to implementing sound correctly (due to multiplayer functionality). I’ll have to find a nice solution for this when doing another multiplayer game. Graphics are also somewhat lacking, it’s there, but can’t say it’s good.

Apart from all that, it’s quite fun to play and that was the goal, so I’m quite happy.

The game is implemented in pure Javascript, in the browser and on the server (nodejs). It uses websockets to communicate between client and server.

Here is an screenshot:

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