Breakdown Countdown update with 2nd screenshot

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August 25th, 2013 7:43 am

So I ended up going to sleep at 4-ish last night and not getting back to work until 9-ish.  Just over 10 hours remaining now, and there’s a lot of code left to write. On the down side,  the way I code takes a while to get to a point where it’s possible to really test or see much of anything.  On the up side, once I get to that point, things can come together really quickly!  Hooray robustness!

In the past half-hour or so I’ve finally hit that point!  My parts draw on the screen, and I’ve got about half of the user input handled.  Now all that’s left to implement is the actual game rules for how to attach rocket parts, and then to figure out how to score the game.  I’ll also need some way to display the final score, which will be a burden since I haven’t prepared anything for that.  That comes last though.  Play first, scoreboard last.

Here’s a screenshot of my game with the timer going and my lovely programmer art properly rendering to the screen.  What you can’t tell from this is that I’ve also added a few basic sound effects!  Yay for that!

Breakdown Countdown Screenshot2

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6 Responses to “Breakdown Countdown update with 2nd screenshot”

  1. hungyg says:

    Where did you get the background image from?

  2. Luthwyhn says:

    NASA’s multimedia archive. It’s all public domain and free even for commercial use!

  3. hungyg says:

    Don’t mean to be cocky, but I’m not sure if that’s allowed or not. The rules say we can use photos if we acquired them in the 48 hours….

    “All game code and content must be created within the 48 hours.**

    **[…] Photos and recordings you make of people or things are acceptable content, just you must acquire them during the competition. […]”

    Soo…. IDK

  4. Luthwyhn says:

    I interpret it under the same sorts of rules that govern use of sounds and code libraries: It’s free for everyone, so it’s fair game.

    It’d be ridiculous if non-musicians can benefit from pre-made sound libraries and non-coders can benefit from pre-made code libraries, but non-artists had to do everything from scratch no matter what.

    I’m not just using the image raw off the site either – did stuff such as resizing, cropping, and editing out (albeit with programmer art skill levels) a space shuttle. All that work was done within the game time constraints.

  5. hungyg says:

    Very well, you convinced me. Have a nice last 8 hours! :)

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