And All Went Out

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August 25th, 2013 5:55 am

Soooo, here is how my brain processed things…

10 Seconds!! Bah.. Bit crappy, soldier on..

Memory = 10 seconds…. Memento! How to make that fun?

Where would a decent memory be essential?

Runner/Messenger in WW1. The Big Push is on. You need to ferry deliver urgent messages between the front and High Command. The entire battle rests on the message getting through.

Slight snag though, You’ve been concussed and lost your short term memory. Every 10 seconds part of the message slips out of your mind.

Characters, nice and easy, Idea, not so easy to implement.

So after some back and forward I’ve had to nibble around the edges a bit.

Still a Runner, Still WW1, Still the Big Push and still delivering messages to the front line.  Now in all the confusion everyone needs help and every 10 seconds more and more urgent  messages pop up.

The front line needs Ammo, the wounded need first aid, the Captain at the front needs reinforcements or artillery, the General needs a nice hot Cuppa and  You need to stay alive!

Oh and It’s also become very Lode Runner!?

No idea if I’ll be able to get something fun out of this in the next 8 hours but we’ll see…

Some very rough screens that need a lot of polish!


andallwentout_ghq andallwentout_sprites

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